R        A        N        T          and          B        L        U        S        T        E        R

The Considered Opinion Portal

This modest splash page is the first baby step in the long-time-coming new journalism project from Rob Blackwelder, film critic, interviewer, editor and creator of SPLICEDwire and ThePatriotFacts.org.

RANT & BLUSTER will soon be a portal to considered opinions from intelligent critics and reliable sources on topics ranging from cinema and television to politics and culture. (Yes, SPLICEDwire readers, this will include Bijou Graffiti, Rob's return to movie reviewing. But don't get your hopes up about the content there: The link goes to a "rough draft" homepage, currently featuring some old half-written rough-draft reviews as text placeholders.)

The RANT & BLUSTER homepage will feature pods highlighting the latest content from its contributing sites, and links to forums where readers can spout off themselves in high-minded discussions.

There is not currently a timetable for the launch of RANT & BLUSTER, but details will appear on this page when the ball starts rolling.